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Regional Metropolis: Constantinople and Tenochtitlan Essay

Constantinople and Tenochtitlan were two incredible urban communities in their time. The two of them had numerous predominant physical highlights. They likewise had numerous social impacts and their significant capacity for every city was extraordinary. The two urban areas had significant tourist spots and their areas despite everything exist. The urban areas both had strict affiliations and other significant angles. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan assistance to give you what urban areas resembled between 1160-1520. Any two urban areas could have been decided to show what it resembled in those days. These two show the worldwide idea of this event by differentiating the two. One is situated in the Mediterranean and the other is in Mesoamerica so they are essentially completely different. They additionally experience two various types of life. These two were additionally picked to be looked at on the grounds that a considerable lot of the Europeans went to these spots and made their own responsible examinations on what they had thought. Every city had its own prevailing physical attributes. Constantinople had St. Sophia and the hippodrome. It likewise had wealthy houses and markets. Constantinople was in the inside for exchanging on the Silk Road. It additionally had an incredible protection framework on the grounds that the city was encircled by water. The city had the Old Horn Port on one of its edges. Tenochtitlan was developed in the bogs. The city additionally had unique streets to associate it to the territory. Every city had its method of living with their physical highlights. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan each had its own arrangement of social impacts. Constantinople was for the most part Roman and Greek. They essentially communicated in Greek there. They were likewise Christian Orthodox. Tenochtitlan was worked by the motivation of two more seasoned urban communities. The settlers and guests that came needed to remain in their own neighborhoods. They likewise exchanged with the north and south. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan were affected by their societies. The significant capacity for every city was not the same as one another. Constantinople was utilized as a political spot. It was likewise strict. Constantinople was likewise a significant exchange community. Tenochtitlan was for the most part a strict focus. It had distinctive ceremonial forfeits that went on. It additionally had a ton of strict functions that went on. The two of them had differentâ functions. The urban communities had numerous significant tourist spots and their areas despite everything exist. Constantinople had St. Sophia just as the Mese Road or â€Å"Midway†. The Golden Gate was additionally situated there. Different spots situated here are the Golden Horn and the Hippodrome. Tenochtitlan had the Pyramid of the Sun. They likewise had the Market. Old Horn Port is still around today. Tenochtitlan stood where present day Mexico City is. Every city had its own arrangement of significant spots and each are still around here and there. Every city had its own strict affiliations. Constantinople was based on the Orthodox Church. Tenochtitlan had numerous things that were strict. They had penances in their city. They additionally had numerous Gods and were polytheistic. Tenochtitlan likewise had numerous clerics and a boss to gaze upward to. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan had their own specific manner of having faith in their religions. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan additionally had some other significant attributes. Constantinople was amazingly well off. They additionally had occupant Greeks that were not made for war. The language of Tenochtitlan was Nahuatl. They additionally had a populace of 200,000. Their city was worked by the Aztecs. The two urban areas had numerous significant attributes. Most Europeans had their part in thee decay of both of these urban areas. Numerous spots state that their religions had an effect on their brutality. The two of them had a fixation for gold and other well off material. They each had a major populace for their time. Many accepted that due to their incredible and distinctive urban advancement worked out positively for the way that they had a cutting edge monetary turn of events. Both were worked in impersonation of more established urban areas and all the more notable places. The two of them were referred to additional as majestic capitals, yet now they are regularly alluded to as urban areas. Constantinople was more established, however its turned out to be increasingly acclaimed as a Roman capital later ever. Tenochtitlan was a more youthful city and immediately developed from a little spot into the biggest city of the Americas as their extension of intensity became over the entirety of Mesoamerica. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan assisted with showing how urban areas created and what their lives resembled in those days when they were creating urban areas. The two of them had their own arrangement of physical qualities. They additionally had their a lot of social impacts and what their significant capacity for their city was. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan included significant tourist spots inside every one of their city limits and the site for their areas are still around in some structure. They likewise had their own strict convictions and lifestyles. They likewise had some other significant viewpoints to their urban areas to unmistakable themselves from different urban communities. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan were delegated a city, however do you figure they could have gotten more than that? List of sources Wiesner, Wheeler, Doeringer, Curtis. Finding The Global Past. Houghton Mifflin Company; New York: 2007. Pages 268-300. Source 4, Illustrated Map of Constantinople, thirteenth Century Source 5, Interior Saint Sophia Source 10, Spanish Illustrated Map of Tenochtitlan

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Oedipus a Tragic Hero Free Essays

Oedipus: A Tragic Hero Aristotle’s disastrous legend is one of the most unmistakable kinds of saints among writing. An awful saint consolidates five significant focuses all of which have to do with the hero’s height in the public arena, his shortcomings, how these issues impact him, the discipline his flaws gets him, and how he responds to this discipline. Aristotle clarified that the account of Oedipus the King, composed by Sophocles, is an ideal case of a shocking legend. We will compose a custom article test on Oedipus: a Tragic Hero or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now In the play, Oedipus is given a prescience in which he is informed that he will slaughter his dad at that point wed his mom. As in numerous Greek plays, Oedipus attempts to run from his prescience and winds up satisfying precisely what it is predicted. Through the play we see that Oedipus forces a considerable lot of the qualities of an unfortunate saint, for example, he is of respectable height, his defeat was his own shortcoming, and that his discipline was not completely merited. The main characteristic that Oedipus has that makes him an awful saint is that he is a man of respectable height. Inside the main lines of the play, Oedipus quickly underpins this in saying, â€Å"Here I am myself-/you know me, the world knows my distinction:/I am Oedipus† (7-8). This statement shows that Oedipus is so sure about individuals knowing who he is that he is happy to put this out there, however he isn't by and large excessively sure. This statement is later offered motivation to when we get notification from different characters, for example, the Priest when he clarifies things that Oedipus has done, for example, â€Å"You liberated us from the Sphinx, you came to Thebes/and cut us free from the grisly tribute we had paid/that cruel, ruthless singer† (44-46). The Priest delineates when Oedipus vanquished the Sphinx, which is the undertaking that picks up him the situation of ruler of Thebes. The following trademark that Oedipus has that makes him a terrible legend is that his defeat is of his own doing. The demonstration that at last adds to Oedipus’ ruin is that of when he executes his dad and he discloses to Jocasta that he murdered everybody, â€Å"I slaughtered them all-every mother’s child! † (898). Since he is discussing his father’s troop it shows that he, undoubtedly killed his dad despite the fact that he was uninformed that it was his dad at that point. That is just the start of his defeat however as he prior told the Chorus that anybody holding the killer would be reviled, regardless of whether it was himself, â€Å"†¦if by any possibility/he ends up being a private of our house†¦may the revile I just called down strike me! † (284-287). This shows exactly how genuine that Oedipus was tied in with rebuffing this individual and despite the fact that he doesn’t comprehend that it is himself, and takes for a spell for him to understand, that he was answerable for what befallen him. The last talked about trademark that Oedipus has is that his discipline was not entirely merited. There are three principle disciplines that Oedipus needs to experience on account of his wrongdoing. Those disciplines are his outcast from Thebes, the self destruction of Jocasta, and the loss of his sight. Be that as it may, the discipline that sends everything to the brink is when Oedipus strikes out his own eyes. At the point when he appears to the Chorus he comes out and talks about how awful he feels for everything in saying, â€Å"The blackest things/a man can do, I have done them all! † (1541-1542). During this very scene the Chorus talks, not to Oedipus legitimately, however to one another and the truly shrivel away from him. Clearly they don’t accept he merits this through their words, â€Å"O the terrorâ€/the affliction, for all the world to see/the most exceedingly terrible fear that at any point met my eyes,/what frenzy cleared over you? † (1432-1435). The Chorus keeps on talking about how Oedipus reviled himself by the divine beings and this is his discipline, yet can't comprehend what god would power such a discipline on any man. Works Cited Mifflin, Houghton. Language of Literature World Literature. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005. Print. Instructions to refer to Oedipus: a Tragic Hero, Essay models

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Foundations of Company & Commercial Law -

Question: Talk about theFoundations of Company Commercial Law for Partnership. Answer: There are three regular business structures that are normally utilized for the running of a business. These incorporate sole ownership, association and friends. In the given case, considering there are three individuals in particular Mary, Fred and Chris who might share the possession, henceforth, the given structure can't be named as sole ownership as the responsibility for business is restricted to just a single proprietor. Further, the given business structure by method of development doesn't appear to be an organization as this normally has expound customs which would include some time and cost for the arrangement. Additionally, the way that the terms were composed on a serviette obviously mirror that the given structure isn't an organization. Subsequently, the main conceivable business structure that appears to be likely is the association structure. So as to decide if the given structure is an organization or not, the important arrangements of the Partnership Act, 1892 (NSW) should be thought of. According to s.1 of this demonstration, any association needs to satisfy the accompanying three conditions. Carrying on of a business In the above respects, there are sure critical perspectives which must be followed. There should be contribution in business and not diversion as featured in the decision of Ferguson v Federal Commissioner of Taxation. There is a distinction between planning to carry on a business and really carrying on a business as reflected in the decision of Goudberg v Herniman Associated Pty Ltd Likewise, it is fundamental that the basic movement for which the organization is shaped isn't for a solitary endeavor or secluded exchange yet it should be for monotonous business action. This is reflected in the contentions of the Ballantyne v Raphael. In this specific case, the association was shaped among accomplices for a specific sub-division of a land and thus was not named as an organization since it was for a specific land in particular and there was no aim to over and over take part in the equivalent. Business must be completed in like manner It is fundamental that despite the fact that all the accomplices are not locked in effectively in the business yet all the business exercises must be carried for the benefit of the accomplices of the firm. This is obvious from the contentions and hidden decision of the Lang v James Morrison Co Ltd. In this specific case, the decent court demonstrated that commonality of commitments is basic for the presence of organization and without the equivalent, the connection between parties can't be named as association. Additionally, the option to partake in benefits is basic to being an accomplice as featured in the Re Ruddock case. Nearness of Profit Motive As per the critique in Wise v Perpetual Trustee Co Ltd, organizations are affiliations framed with the goal to procure benefits dissimilar to clubs which are unimportant affiliations and are not considered as association as the benefit intention is by all accounts missing. Further, benefit regarding organization alludes to money related increases just as different additions can be found in other affiliation. Note that the meaning of benefit has not been offered in the PA however is gotten from critique in cases, for example, Bond Corporation Holdings Ltd Anor v Grace Bros Holdings Ltd Ors. As per this, benefit will in general happen if the advantage estimation of an association firm will in general be diverse at various purpose of time and the distinction in esteem is named as benefit. As per the over three necessities, the present situation should be broke down in order to opine whether the given structure would be an organization or not. It is clear that the three accomplices for example Mary, Fred, Chris are not constrained to arranging however set up a caf business with joint proprietorship. Further, there was nearness of an oral concurrence concerning the sharing of benefit which adds up to the organization understanding which is required for setting an association into place. It is referenced that it is a business; thus it can't be viewed as a leisure activity. Additionally, considering it is a business, consequently the benefit thought process would likewise be available. Additionally, it is evident that the business is being run in like manner as the three accomplices have stakes are likewise associated with the everyday administration of the caf. Furthermore, thinking about the idea of the business, it is likewise evident that the business isn't a confined exchange but instead a rehashed action which is done again and again, hence guaranteeing that it is without a doubt a business. It is clear from the above conversation that all the conditions related with an association relationship is satisfied in the given case, consequently it would reasonable for perceive the given business as an organization firm with Mary, Fred, Chris being accomplices. It is basic to take note of that in an association business structure not at all like the organization structure, the hidden guideline isn't the firm since an organization has no lawful element. Subsequently, the accomplice while going about as the organizations operator will in general likewise speak to different accomplices when maintaining the association business and if certain activities are attempted by the accomplice in the standard way of directing business, at that point such activities would be restricting on the firm as well as the accomplices. The main special case to this is the point at which the other party knows about the absence of approval on part of the accomplice. In any case, this is essentially appropriate for legally binding risk. The extent of conversation in the given case would be restricted principally inside the ambit of tortious risk. S. 10 of the PA is applicable in such manner and states that if any demonstration which is illegitimate or caused because of exclusion of the accomplice which brings about making harm or injury any individual who isn't the organizations accomplice, at that point the firm and accomplices mutually would be considered liable for the equivalent gave that the oversight or the unjust demonstration was completed in the common course of business. S. 12 of the PA likewise mirrors that any risk emerging from any wrong would be joint and a few. This bodes well with respect to the activities of the operator the chief is dependable which in the given case can't be firm since if the firm is sued; it basically suggests that the gatherings would be trapped in a claim. Likewise, since the association firm might have boundless obligation, along these lines there is chance that if there shoul d be an occurrence of any tort related risk, the cases might contact the individual resources of the accomplices as the fundamental obligation emerging from the tort would not be restricted to business as on account of an organization yet rather reach out to the accomplices who might be held at risk by virtue of the firm or business, Unmistakably, with respect to the above segment, a significant concern is to decide regarding what comprises as the conventional course of business. In such manner certain valuable cases are Polkinghorne v Holland and furthermore Walker and others v European Electronics Pty Ltd. In the last case, the appointed authority expressed that so as to characterize both the business extension and nature, reference should be given to the association understanding which would help in responding to the above inquiry. The accompanying editorial given by Mahoney JA is likewise important in such manner and featured as demonstrated as follows. In thinking about whether the demonstration of an individual is done in the common course of the matter of a firm of which he is a part, it is, obviously, important to figure out what the matter of the firm is. At times the matter of the firm is characterized or portrayed in the association understanding. In such a case, the court must choose, as an issue of reality, regardless of whether the demonstration being referred to can be and was done over the span of conveying it on. This might be chosen by reference to explicit proof that a demonstration of the sort being referred to is adept to be, or was, done in continuing such a business. Or on the other hand, sometimes, the court might be in a situation to consider the way that a business of the sort being referred to is well-suited to be carried on by doing demonstrations of the pertinent kind. Further, in cases, where the extension and ordinary lead of the business exercises can't be characterized or recognized through the guide of the organization understanding, at that point in such cases, the choice depends on the hidden circumstance as has been featured in the decision of the National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Ltd v Batty. Further, this is likewise repeated in the Goldberg v Jenkins case. The prime explanation was simply fortuitous since in the normal course of business, the loan cost paid on acquired assets was altogether lesser in contrast with the rate at which the accomplice obtained which adequately brought about exclusion of the obligation for the firm and different accomplices. In the given case, additionally, the above comprehension would be appropriate and the risk should be fixed concerning the pertinent areas of the PA alongside relevant case law. It is evident that the client has been harmed attributable to the espresso being excessively hot and considering the way that the caf had obligation to mind, there is away from of carelessness and furthermore the client who has endured the consumes means to guarantee harms. It is evident that Chris who was careless while serving the espresso would be unquestionably obligated for the harms guaranteed by the client. So as to decide if the accomplices for example Mary and Fred would likewise be held obligated or not, it should be learned whether the carelessness was seen during the typical course of the business or not. It is evident that the business that the accomplices are occupied with is caf. For a caf business, making and serving espresso to the clients is a customary piece of the business and subsequently it is suitable to presume that Chris was associated with the typical business course and in this way as per s. 10, 12, all the accomplices would be mutually and seriously answerable for the harm asserted by the distressed client. The current

Belarus essays

Belarus papers On August 25, 1991 the Republic of Belarus picked up its autonomy from the Soviet Union.The Republic of Belarus had perceived the city of Minsk as its capital. Landlocked in Eastern Europe, Belarus has an all out zone of 207,600 sq km, including no calculable water regions. Belarus has 3,098 km of fringe neighboring 5 unique nations. Belarus is chiefly contained by and large of level land with a decent arrangement of marshland. This land can be jumped into 5 land utilizes: arable land 29%, perpetual yields 1%, lasting fields 15%, timberlands and forest 34%, other 21% (1993 est.). Belarus for the most part has cool and damp summers with cold and now and then cruel winters. Belarus primary common assets comprise of peat stores, woods, and little amounts of petroleum gas and oil. Since Minsks freedom in 1944 its populace has consistently expanded from 50,000 to 1,672,000 individuals as (1995 est.), qualifying it as the biggest city in Belarus. Barring Minsk, Belarus top 5 urban communities by populace all together are: Homjel', Mahiljow, Vicebsk, Hrodna, and Brst (2001 est.). 99.9 % of all power in Belarus is delivered by petroleum products wh ile 0.01 % is hydroelectric. Every year, Belarus produces 24.911 billion kWh while the utilization of kWh is at 27.647 billion kWh, driving Belarus to import 7.1 billion kWh, despite the fact that Belarus exports 2.62 billion kWh. The main ecological issues tormenting Belarus are soil contamination from over the top pesticide use and atomic aftermath in the south from the 1986 Chernobyl mishap. Belarus has a populace of 10,350,194, developing at a pace of - .15% every year. Belarus has a populace thickness of 50.10 individuals/sq km, presently positioned 147th on the planet. Belarus has a death pace of 13.97 passings/1,000 populace and a newborn child death pace of 14.38 passings/1,000 live births. Belarus proportions are: under 15 years: 1.04 male(s)/female ... <!

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Human resource career field Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human asset profession field - Research Paper Example Thus, a HR generalist needs to perform day by day errands, for example, monitoring the different exercises in the HR division just as month to month revealing and yearly or semi-yearly interest in the examinations and different assignments. The elements of the HR generalist work that intrigue me are to do with the feeling of being accountable for the HR work and the ringside see that the propositions for employment as far as taking an interest in the enrollment, preparing and execution assessment of the representatives. The most energizing thing about the HR generalist work is that one can engage with the different exercises of the HR work and get an opportunity to apply a portion of the hypothetical information picked up during the instruction and furthermore get an opportunity to sharpen one’s aptitudes by rehearsing the craft of HR the board. The component of the HR generalist’s work that doesn't intrigue me is the somewhat conventional nature of the activity when contrasted with the pro job that has a more straightforward and profound contribution. The idea of the HR generalist work is with the end goal that it requires the individual to be learned about the different exercises that are commonly perfor med during the lead of the activity. Subsequently, I would be keen on assuming the job of an eyewitness cum evaluator that is a piece of the HR generalist’s work. Further, what intrigues me about the HR generalist’s job is that the activity involves hands on association for specific perspectives and a circuitous inclusion for different angles. The elements of enrollment and execution assessment are a portion of the capacities that I perform well. The capacities that I need extra preparing are the preparation and improvement work. The enlistment and preparing capacities intrigue me a ton and I am certain that I can perform well in these capacities. I have a characteristic fondness towards enrollment and execution assessment exercises since I have given significant time towards learning the suitable hypothesis in

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How to Handle Rumors

How to Handle Rumors Rumors are the spice of life; but rumors can have serious consequences for us. They can affect various aspects of our lives, including our personal, social, and professional life. © | Yuliya EvstratenkoIn this article, youll learn about 1) what are rumors, why they start, and how they spread, 2) how rumors can affect you, and 3) how to handle rumors effectively.INTRODUCTION TO RUMORSWhat are rumors?Before we learn how to handle rumors, let us understand a little more about them. A rumor is the opposite of fact. A fact is verified piece of information supported by data whereas a rumor is an unverified piece of information, which is unsubstantiated by any data. Since rumors are not backed by any data, they are normally quite exaggerated pieces of information and can be far from truth.How Why Rumors StartRumors normally get started when people try to make sense of an ambiguous situation. For example, if five friends go for a jog every morning and one of them starts to miss the jog consecutively for a few days in a row, a rumor may get started that the friend is missing because they are unwell.To understand a situation, people start making guess es to the best of their understanding, based on their experiences; and before you know it, a rumor has started. Some rumors are harmless while some can ruin the image of a person or an entity. Some rumors are started with the intention of damaging the reputation of the person or thing. There are several intentions in the mind of the rumor starter. Following are some of the reasons why the rumor starter starts a rumor:To Feel Better â€" the rumor starter may be feeling down about a deficiency of their own and so they may start a rumor that makes someone else look bad in order to feel good about themselves.To Fit In  â€" the rumor starter may be looking to fit in amongst a new gang and so they may try to appear more knowledgeable than they actually are and start a rumor.To Gain Attention â€" person with news that helps explain an ambiguous situation definitely captures attention of others. The rumor starter may start a rumor to gain other’s attention.To Improve their Power/Position â€" the rumor starter may create a rumor that harms their competitor’s reputation, resultantly gaining power and improving their position.To Take Revenge â€" the rumor starter may create a rumor in vengeance, in order to take retribution from the person regarding whom rumor is started.To Pass Time â€" yes its true, some rumor starters start a rumor as a cure to their boredom!How Rumors SpreadRumors spread in proportion to ambiguity â€" the more ambiguous the environment the more easily rumors will spread. Rumors also spread speedily in environments that do not discourage them. The more attention a rumor gets, the more widespread it becomes. Whether it is a home, institute or a workplace, if the culture of the place supports rumors and does not have a mechanism for discouraging it, rumors will gain quick attention.HOW RUMORS AFFECT US â€" PERSONALLY PROFESSIONALLYRumors can affect our personal as well as professional lives, even if we have done nothing to start them. Here are a fe w ways how:On the Personal LevelRumors can have serious effects on our personal lives and become an impediment in our growth and development:Reduce Confidence: When someone starts a rumor about us and people start looking down at us, our confidence level starts to diminish as we find it harder to face others’ judgmental behaviors, criticism, and questioning looks.Low Self-Esteem: As rumors spread, we too begin to see ourselves in the negative light. Our mind begins focusing on our weaknesses; we become over critical about our actions and behaviors. Such acts result in reduced self-esteem.Inhibit Performance: Our lack of faith in our capabilities leads to reduced performance. We feel like we cannot achieve much and this belief holds us back from achieving our potential in life. Everything becomes hard and there are days when it takes a lot of effort just to get out of bed.Lead to Isolation: Due to the rumors, even those people whom we thought to be our close friends may hesitate fr om staying in contact with us. Reduced human contact slowly leads us towards isolation as we begin finding comfort in solitude.On the Professional LevelWhen rumors about us get started in the workplace, they can greatly influence our professional lives. Here are a few ways in which rumors can have an impact on us on the professional level:Reduced Motivation: When people start talking about false things regarding us at work, we lose the will to execute our official tasks. It becomes harder every day to walk-in in our office. We feel bad about the image the rumors have created and we find it hard to get in the mood of doing work.Reduced Productivity: Rumors distract us from doing our job since our mind keeps focusing on what people are saying about us instead of focusing on our work. We spend valuable time defending our position, time we should be spending doing our work. This lead to reduced output at work.Become an Obstacle in Promotion: Seniors may get to hear the rumor and form an image about us accordingly. This may mislead them into thinking we are not deserving of a promotion. We may not get a chance to explain our position especially if the chain of command is too long and we are not directly reporting to the top management.Force you to Resign: Due to the rumors, our professional reputation may have gotten totally marred and the situation may have become so out of control that there is no way out for us than to submit our resignation. Even though we could be giving up the career of our choice, but in order to run away from the rumors and for a fresh beginning we decide it is easier to resign and leave it all behind.HOW TO HANDLE RUMORS EFFECTIVELYUnfortunately, rumors can get started about the best amongst us. If you ever find yourself in a situation where a rumor has started concerning you, you must know how to handle the situation effectively. But before you know what to do, you must understand there are some things you should not do in such a situatio n. Here are some of those things:What Not to DoStay Quiet Pretend Nothing is Wrong: Even though it is easier to just shrug our shoulders and walk away from a rumor about us, it is not an effective way of handling the situation. Pretending there is nothing wrong does not mean there is not something wrong actually. Pretending that nothing is wrong will not fix the situation or make the rumor go away; in-fact it may worsen the situation. Your silence can communicate to people that the rumors are true which is why you are not doing anything about them.Show Your Frustration: Rumor starters who have started the rumor in order to get us rattled would love to see our frustration. We should not give them the satisfaction because it would only encourage them to continue. Even though we may be boiling from inside, we should act calmly and not react in front of others.Tit for Tat: We must not start cooking up rumors and spread them about the person who has started a rumor about us because we s hould not stoop down to their level. Taking revenge is only going to aggravate the situation and also earn you a reputation of a rumor starter.Hide it from Elders/Seniors: Not reporting a rumor about ourselves to seniors (if it is in the workplace) or elders (if it is in our personal life) is a big mistake. Pretty soon, they will hear about it and if we are not the ones who inform them about the rumor first, hearing it from someone else may cause them to believe the rumor. If we report it first, they will know not to believe in it when they hear it.Believe Something Must be True: Rumors can be quite persuasive, so much so that we may start believing in them ourselves even though we know they are just rumors! Our brains sometimes get programmed to believing hearsay even if it is about us. We start recalling our actions and behaviors and start doubting ourselves. We must stay strong and sure of ourselves and not let the thought of a rumor being true enter our minds.What To DoNow that we know what we should not do, here are a few things we should do in order to manage rumors about us effectively:Act Confident: When we lose our confidence and become weak, that is when the rumor starters and believers gain power. The best way to handle rumors about ourselves is to act with confidence. When you remain confident, people start thinking otherwise than what they have heard through rumors. We must show others that we have faith in ourselves and this behavior has a way of becoming contagious. When we act with confidence, others also gain confidence in us.Communicate With People: Rather than staying quiet and pretending that nothing is going on, it is essential that we communicate with people. We should approach them ourselves and inquire about what they have heard about us. We must listen with an open mind and respond accordingly, in order to clarify our position and get our side of the story heard. Remember, we are our best advocates and no one else can explain our side of the story better than us.Evaluate Your Behavior/Actions: When we find out that there is a rumor going around about us, we should first think whether any of our actions or behavior has contributed towards the initiation of the rumor. If yes, then we must make changes in our behavior and actions in order to fix the situation.Clarify your Position Using Facts: Since rumors are pieces of information which aren’t backed up by any facts, the best way to kill them is to present facts that say otherwise. If it is possible for us to gather and present facts to the people that prove that the rumor going around about us is completely false then we must make our sincere efforts towards collecting and presenting these facts. It is a sure shot way to effectively deal with rumors.Focus on Positive Thinking: We should not give up just because someone is spreading something false about us. By focusing on the brighter side of things, by being optimistic and thinking positively, we can come out s tronger than the rumors. We must continue to think positive thoughts and use our support group â€" our friends and family â€" to help us get rid of the rumors.Set Positive Examples: Actions are louder than words â€" rumors are just words, we must use our actions to prove them wrong. If someone has spread in our new workplace that we are stuck up, then every morning we enter our office we can make an effort to be first at greeting people and at asking how they are feeling. This way people will see that we are not actually stuck up like they heard we were.HOW TO HANDLE RUMORS IN YOUR ORGANIZATION IF YOU ARE A SUPERVISOR/MANAGERIf you own an organization or are a manager in one, then it is your responsibility to create an environment that discourages rumors, since you already understand the destructive impacts of rumors in the workplace. Here are a few tips for handling rumors in such a situation:Stay Calm Practice Damage Control: Do not just start firing people or implementing strict disciplinary actions against employees who are suspected to be rumor starters. Instead, remain calm and try to practice damage control. Be quick in clarifying the actual situation and reducing the ambiguity, which led to the rumor getting started in the first place so employees can differentiate between the real situation and the rumor.Re-Shuffle Teams: If there are some employees who keep creating rumors because they simply cannot get along, break up the teams and re-shuffle the team members. Rather than trying to resolve conflict and dealing with a new rumor every day, if teams can be shuffled without hampering productivity, it is best that you make new teams so that work can continue with harmony.Break Cliques: Cliques can be formed at a department level or based on seniority, amongst many other reasons. These cliques can begin to gain a position of authority or try to gain influencing power over others by creating rumors. Discourage the formation of these cliques and monitor em ployees closely so no one is able to form a clique and spread rumors.Discourage Water Cooler Grouping: Water cooler gatherings and tearooms are a favorite place for employees to get-together for a gossip session or for discussing things going on around the office for which no clear explanation is present. Such places around the office have a tendency to make employees discuss their guesswork and create rumors. As a manager, keep note of this and discourage employees from having long conversations by the water cooler or tearooms, etc.Keep Communication Channels Open: Keep your doors open for your employees so they can come and discuss ambiguous situations with you rather than make or believe in rumors. When your employees feel comfortable in approaching you, they will believe in first-hand information received from you, not any rumor. Also, by keeping communication channel open, you will provide employees the opportunity for informing you regarding any rumors going around so you can control the situation before too much damage gets done.Make Policies Clear: Make policies that discourage rumors. Communicate these policies to your employees and make sure they are aware of how the management feels regarding rumors and rumor starters/spreaders.Build an Organizational Culture that Does not Nurture Rumors: Encourage friendly competition amongst your employees. Create a cooperative environment that encourages teamwork. Promoting an overly competitive environment can create resentments amongst employees and force employees to use negative means such as rumor spreading in order to gain power over other employees.CONCLUSIONIt is in our nature to make sense of things going on around us because ambiguity makes us uncomfortable. We use our imagination, our experience, our knowledge, and our opinions to fill in the gaps when we do not have complete information regarding a situation. Sometimes our evil side takes over and we resort to dirty tricks such as rumor spreading in o rder to put our competitors down. Regardless of why or how the rumor got started, what matters the most is how we handle it.It may not be possible for us to avoid getting in the middle of a rumor but by learning how to handle rumors effectively, we can make our lives easier and reduce the impact they have in our personal as well as professional lives.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

A New Kind of MBA Ranking System

With all the controversy around the reliability of college ranking systems, the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes ranking tries something different. As its name suggests, Beyond Grey Pinstripes is no typical ranking. It looks at how business schools engage with social and environmental issues, rather than inputs, like grade-point averages and GMAT scores, or outcomes, like salary and student/employer satisfaction. An article in BusinessWeek (â€Å"Stanford Tops Green MBA Ranking†) looks at some of the highlights from the recently released BGP ranking report. One of the surprises is that Stanford’s Graduate School of Business replaces Schulich’s School of Business as the greenest business school in North American because of the many courses GSB offers on social and environmental issues. The results of the BGP rankings were particularly important this year because they shed light on the effect the economic crisis has had on the way business schools deal with ethical issues in business.   Judith Sameulson, executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, which conducts the survey, explains, â€Å"Student demand, increased faculty readiness and administrators growing desire to clarify how they approach these issues as a school have brought these ideas to the forefront in the last two years.† The report has shown that there has been a 38% rise in the number of core classes at business schools dealing with social, ethical, and environmental issues in finance. The only question is: Is 38% enough to really prepare students for the complicated issues that they will find in the field? The BGP rankings also highlight one of the fundamental, and frequently hidden, truths of the various rankings. And it is as true of BGP as of US News or BW: If the ranking doesn’t measure or rank something important to you, it is irrelevant to you. If it measures qualities important to you in a graduate business education, then its rankings and its data may be valuable and worthwhile. However, because of the prominence of the larger rankings, be they US News, Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, or The Economist, they are considered more â€Å"important.† Don’t be fooled by the glossy magazine on the newsstand. If you are interested in social enterprise or sustainable development, BGP could be the most important ranking for you and a treasure trove of data and opinion. On the other hand, if you are not interested in these fields or in the distinct focus of BGP, then you can and will safely ignore Beyond Grey Pinstripes. The same should be true of all the rest of the rankings. Look at their criteria. If they match yours, use the data and consider the ranking. However, in most cases, your criteria (and mileage) will vary. Then use whatever data you can conveniently find, and disregard the actual ranking or at least take it with a very large grain of salt.